Fixed Wing Airframes

Fixed wings offer a huge advantage in flight time compared to multi rotors, but are often limited due to the need for a runway. 

The vertical take off and landing 'VTOL' offers the best of both worlds, however these are often so bulky they are almost not able to be transported in civilian cars.

Our large 4 motor VTOL (shown right) barely makes it out of the workshop door and we transport this in a lorry, it has a huge 18kg payload which is often underutilised.

Therefore we decided that UAVTEK could make a better smaller fixed wing, that should be easy to take off and land, but most importantly is in a manportable format.


Version one shown below, this is a fun fixed wing to fly, but requires a skilled user for take off and landing. We are adjusting this design to be a tailsitter, take off and landing is then automatic without any throwing or catapult assembly. 

The new version is currently in trials and as soon as perfected we will be releasing all the specifications. 


The Sentinel is larger than the Scout with a longer flight time, its is easily transported in a civilian car. 

The sentinel has more safety features built in and can perform a routine landing by parachute.

At the moment the Sentinel is a catapult launch, however this design is being modified to a tailsitter to eliminate the need to carry the bulky catapult