UAV Fleet

All of the UAVTEK fleet use our common flight control system, so once you can fly one you can fly them all. This reduces skills fade and our systems are designed to be intuative and user friendly. These all have added autopilot benefits, so they are easier to control than a mass produced retail UAV. 



Nano 1A UAV Quadcopter 
Maximum Take Off Weight 200 / 250g
Available Payload 25g / 75g
Extreme wind capability 
Fastest most capable nano UAV in its class


Micro 1B UAV Quadcopter
Maximum Take Off Weight 2kg 
Available Payload 1kg
Folding design makes this ultra portable 
Full suite of modular payloads available


Mini 1C UAV Quadcopter 
Maximum Take Off Weight 5kg
Available Payload 3kg
Ideal delivery drone
Manual switch for non-technical interaction


Mini 1C Hexacopter Multirotor
Maximum Take Off Weight 13kg
Available Payload 5kg
Extreme wind capability with payload 


Mini 1C UAV VTOL Fixed Wing
Maximum Take Off Weight 2kg
Available Payload 1kg


Mini 1C UAV VTOL Fixed Wing
Maximum Take Off Weight 7.5kg
Available Payload 2kg