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UAVTEK Controllers

*Actual BUG flight footage feed


All of the UAVTEK platforms use a Common Control Unit (CCU) allowing users to command the UAV fleet via a single control device.

The CCU is modular by nature and features a communications bay enabling radio hardware to be swapped for various environments and utilised a removable handset* as the main screen.

In addition to this the CCU has several USB ports for offloading of imagery, video and flight data and an RJ45 network port for distribution of data feeds across a wider network, such as TAK.

The controller can be used in several command configurations to control single or multiple UAVS. Control of a single UAV can be handed off from one controller to another.

*Handset shown is a Samsung S20 Tactical.

Controllers UAVTEK
Controllers UAVTEK
Controllers UAVTEK

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