The BUG was born to be a tactical UAV fit for the field, we built it with real world situations in mind so UAVTEK made sure that the weather will never prevent you from deploying your nano UAV and flight time is suitable for the potential range capability.

Class 1A Nano UAV
200g / 250g

The most capable Nano UAV in the world

Low SWaP-C

The BUG gives immediate full HD situational awareness, that goes beyond just enabling the pilot, as this can be broadcast to multiple locations

The low visual profile and capability in wind conditions of up to 45 knots makes it the most robust nano UAV in the world.


Product Highlights

Flight Time

Class beating flight time of up to 40 minutes in real conditions 

Wind Speed
Capable in windspeeds up to 35knots with 45knots gusts

Suitable for all weather conditions, including rain and snow


Flight speeds of up to 80kph (22m/s) and slower modes for training 

Radio Bearers
5.8Ghz supplied as standard
Upgrade to:-
LTE full cellular control 
Tactical Radio (250g only)


On 5.8Ghz 2km 
On LTE 50km 

Fully Autonomous
Create preplanned missions and fly fully autonomously.
Ideal for patrol and mapping

Multicast as standard
The BUG can simultaneously cast to multiple devices -  mobile phones, laptops, tablets and ATAK 

Swarm Ready

The BUG is ready to swarm, it comes capable of a GPS follow the leader and is ready to accept advanced algorithms

Secure with ECCM
The BUG is equipped as standard with counter-countermeasures 


The BUG can be customised in many ways, from colour through to custom payloads and abilities

The most capable nano drone also happens to be one of the best value 

Outstanding ability

The BUG offers huge ability for its flight class, and currently in most parts of the world no formal pilot qualifications are required to operate this weight class of UAV 

The small mass of the BUG gives it an excellent risk profile and safety case compared to larger airframes. This makes it the ideal choice for use in urban areas. The BUG also makes use of cellular networks, so can easily and effectively overcome the challenge of RF disruption in an urban environment.

Key capabilities include the ability to land,  watch and listen, allowing covert survelliance for hours. Additionally the BUG is able to direct the camera to a fixed position regardless of flight direction

The BUG has an ever growing suite of payload options:-

  • Microphone 
  • Loudspeaker
  • White / IR  / Red light
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Mapping camera 
  • Thermal camera 
  • Distraction device 

The BUG configuration allows payloads of up to 100g and still stays within the 250g weight limit


Visual profile 

The BUG is indistinguishable from birds at altitude - can you spot the BUG? 

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